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Nonwoven laminating machine:
Using the principles of: laminating principle: paper, tin mooring, plastic film and other materials coated with an adhesive and then nonwoven / PET and other materials as substrates, after the blanket cylinder and the heating roller pressing together to form paper and plastic products. The lamination is the need for lamination material topped with a layer of PP.
In addition to the common nonwoven, all kinds of paper products, textile goods can also be covered.
Benefits of coating: nonwoven, PET and other materials can be coated after reduce costs, improve product quality and added value, if the matte film products will give consumers a noble, elegant feel.


Nonwoven slitting machine:
The main function of the nonwoven slitting: the roll of nonwoven according to customer requirements, cut into even smaller volume of nonwoven. The minimum can be cut into 1cm wide. Cut small volumes of nonwoven, mainly for luggage, handbags, hats, bags edging! You can also cut into the width of a certain size in order to meet the special requirements of customers' products. Slitting nonwoven fabric has incision formation,no waste, uniform size and so on.

Nonwoven printing machine:

We now have two nonwoven printing equipment (offset printing and letterpress printing), both width 1.6 m, maximum support 6 color, is the most advanced letterpress printing, computer control, the effect of the fine print clear, fast low cost, the longest run every minute 80m, fine nonwoven printing can reach 1mm, plastic bags can be reached 0.6mm.6 swatches stick up support 40cm.

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