2009 Nanjing: reusable shopping bags first exhibition

"Plastic limit" for the non-woven industry has brought opportunities ---- environmental protection has become a common topic of mankind, has also been growing strongly in China's concern, plastic shopping bags are everyday consumables, our every year consume a large amount of plastic shopping bags. From the beginning of 2008 the state issued a "plastic limit" from June 1 started banning the production and sale in the country, the use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags, all supermarkets, shopping malls also are not allowed to provide free plastic shopping bags. Meanwhile, the global rise of plastic disabled tide, the United States, France, Britain and some countries in the European Union, Australia and China Taiwan and other regions have introduced a bill to prohibit provide free plastic shopping bags. With the formal implementation of the plastic limit, plastic bags fees proclaimed the advent of the era, government support, businesses and people to respond positively. In such a favorable international and domestic situation, the Economic and Trade Commission of Jiangsu, Nanjing and Hangzhou Packaging Industry Association jointly organized Obo Exhibition Co. 2009 China (Nanjing) bags, bags Exhibition will be in March 2009 13--15 day was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center, which is based in Nanjing, China's first international brand, specialized reusable shopping bags exhibition, the exhibition will be held, aimed at the whole of society to promote a new type of environmentally friendly shopping bags and bags of products, between supermarkets, bazaars, shopping centers and shopping bag suppliers to build a bridge commerce. By showing, visits, exchange of new technologies, new processes, and jointly promote China's environmental protection industry, shopping bags and bags of sustainable development.

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