Xinjiang, more than 10,000 female students copies of "Fire shopping bag" pass Warm greetings

TH non woven bags manufacturer,pp woven bags manufacturer,custom non woven bags.Recently, people immersed in the Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year festive atmosphere. Karamay detachment seven female students participants braved the low temperatures of minus 27 degrees on the streets , distributing more than 5,000 copies of Fire shopping bags in crowded supermarkets, shopping malls to passers-by .
To intensify fire prevention efforts, innovative fire prevention situation, Karamay detachment to keep pace with people's lives as the starting point needed , well-designed , produced a fire knowledge propaganda shopping bags. Shopping bags set of knowledge , practicality in one pass through the fire of knowledge text, images , etc. , illustrations, content-rich , entertaining, in the fire of knowledge in the subtle propaganda to the elderly, women and children among the fire went into propaganda , integrate into people's lives.
"Hey , pretty good shopping bags ! " Walking in the streets of a little girl holding her mother's hand getting in the way ...... Everyone caught fire safety , peace and happiness to you and me , to build a community fire safety "firewall" , a Grandpa enthusiastically read out, next to his wife , said , " this close to the fire prevention really good way of life , which is hanging at home , carrying visiting the market , looked up to see ." "True with not only the fire of knowledge , but also to shrink into a small purse, in your pocket easily ." Give me one, I also want to ......
More than 10,000 copies printed blue social unit of fire safety " four capacities" to build the Fire "firewall" , phone 119 to report a fire , everyone caught fire safety , peace and happiness to you and me and other fire prevention Tips language shopping bags , sometimes has become the most popular on the market of " gift " , a few of the most bustling commercial street almost everyone . Usually seemingly ordinary shopping bags, transforming itself into a Fire Awareness "good helper " in every household, become compacted during the Spring Festival , Karamay fire brigade fire prevention , intimate communication with the masses best " medium ." After received the printed word Fire Tips shopping bags , people are very happy , have appreciated the shopping bag environmentally friendly and practical, but also to remind everyone concerned about fire safety in their daily lives .
Karamay detachment using a "shopping bag" originality propaganda , effectively expanding the coverage of fire prevention and influence the masses has increased the attention of fire , so that the masses to improve the fire safety awareness unknowingly for 2012 the fire prevention work to lay a solid foundation.

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