Analysis of promotional gifts of "communication", "induced to buy" feature

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Modern society, companies increasingly focus on their own promotional company , such will . Gifts Online ordering in a professional promotional gifts corporate gifts as personal gifts to boost sales. Promotional gifts do with what effect?
Gifts promotional gifts do with what role :
As a common marketing tool , gifts with unique marketing capabilities. In actual operation , to better play the role of a gift , a gift is necessary to have accurate basic understanding of the marketing function . We believe in the utility sense , promotional gifts , there are two of the most basic marketing functions are integrated to achieve any gifts bodies of these two functions. Gifts, everyone loved the stuff , gifts is a way of gratitude , and gifts to the customers for their patronage , these gifts of gratitude , not only for existing customers , potential customers can be . Especially when they want to try a new product, which will encourage them to buy other gift , which will clear the company's sales promotion . Combined with marketing and brand strategy even industry , which helps to expand their business , win customers favor, corporate gifts this practice is quite favorable . In order to guide the consumer market , advertising promotional gifts and sustained implementation of the program should have a plan.
Spread function:
Premiums are effective carrier of brand VI ;
Premiums can be multi-angle style and class to help spread the brand appeal ;
Premiums can be multi-angle effectively disseminate and promote products main selling point ;
Premiums can effectively narrow the distance between the brand with consumers , develop brand affinity ;
Premiums can vigor specific theme , reflecting , highlighting the theme ;
Induced to buy features:
Gifts of " product attributes " the temptation to make it through the traction interests of consumers to purchase goods on the primary intention to promote and stimulate the desire to buy , and thus the effectiveness of promoting sales.
Premiums shall remain basically consistent with the brand image ;
Premiums must be able to promote the product with the Lord in style to maintain a certain intrinsic association ;
Matching gifts must have a clear marketing purposes , not just limited to simple lure to buy waste spread function ;
Matching gifts must fully consider the characteristics of the target consumer group : universality --- maximize coverage target consumer group ;
Premiums must be consistent with the theme and activities , and to fully consider coordinating activities with major gifts background .
Now that you know what gifts promotional gifts do the role of the bar , so use . Use promotional gifts promotional items do increase means business is a very good method if your company is the initial stage there is not enough money for publicity .
      The longer the time , the longer the duration of gifts , customers will remember your company . Like a pen , woven bags , coffee mugs , calendars , refrigerator magnets, gift bags , etc., it is not only last forever , but is often necessary to be able to see the gifts and gift several times a day to use.
      Calendar of small companies as promotional products one of the most selected gifts. They are not expensive , for the year. Follow their office supplies. Fixed bath , embedded pens, sticky pads and diaries , including the company's logo , is a good gift idea . Desktop Accessories is the next best thing . Like promotional gift bags, gift paperweight is hot .
     Creativity is choosing the right gift market key products. More money , choose a better gift , you can get the maximum commercial return .

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