Research shows that: China's exports to emerging markets is still huge room for development

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China non woven bags manufacturer,suppliers,custom made cheap personalized non woven bags….. As the European debt crisis intensified, China 's foreign trade growth in the past decade is facing unprecedented inevitable impact , in order to help Chinese companies find countermeasures to find a new direction of development, while alleviating the excessive dependence on foreign trade in Europe and America markets . " bottleneck " to join Global Sources Global Sources Ltd. Ningbo China International Exhibition held in Ningbo ," Chi · Sexual future export series Forum " , is designed to help Chinese suppliers to develop new markets, and strive to maintain stability in the present trend of the times and balanced growth.

Miss Ye Jing , vice president of global resources industry sales forum organizers ( fourth from left ) , Mr. Bo , general manager of the joint organizers of Ningbo International Exhibition Co.周华杰( second from right ) and the China International Trade Promotion Committee , Ningbo Branch, vice president Mr. Chen Yirong (right four ) and other guests on " outsmart future export series Forum" Ningbo field activities photo.
Based on the current situation in this forum Ningbo and invited famous export experts, government officials , representatives of top international buyers and representatives of Chinese exporters successful manufacturing business advice , help them out of confusion, control the future . The forums attracted a total of nearly 300 from Ningbo and the surrounding area of China's manufacturing and export business owners , senior managers attending the event , participants will " open up new markets ," the theme in depth.
Miss Ye Jing , vice president of sales for Global Resource Industry , said: "From the current international and domestic economic situation analysis : the traditional market slowdown , rising domestic production costs and RMB appreciation pressure and other problems lingering , 2012 Chinese exporters will face multiple pressure to join this global resource Ningbo China International Exhibition Co., Ltd. to build such an "emerging market" as the theme of the forum , hoping to help Chinese enterprises, especially export enterprises in Ningbo and its surrounding areas to actively respond to " external" in maintaining stable export and control costs , while the opportunity to tap traditional markets in Europe and America and other emerging markets outside of the export market diversification strategy . "
Mr. Bo , general manager of Ningbo International Exhibition Co.周华杰said: "We have been working for many years with Global Sources , in the past few years , successfully passed the global resources of high quality services to attract a large number of international buyers for our" China International Stationery gift Fair " considerably in recent years , the international trade environment has changed greatly , Europe and other traditional markets affected by the debt crisis and the market demand was sluggish ; .. many Chinese enterprises have to export a new direction to emerging markets we are very pleased to be jointly organized with the World resources Forum , which both of us are committed to developing and emerging markets, many suppliers in China is a win-win move. forum held in time to coincide with the extension of our Fair , and we welcome suggestions exhibitors actively participate in the activities of the enterprise . "
Actively explore new markets to become a breakthrough in China's export enterprises
According to Customs statistics show that in 2011 China's total import and export trade of ASEAN countries , Brazil, Russia and South Africa and other emerging markets grew by 23.9% , 34.5% , 42.7% and 76.7% , higher than the national overall export growth over the same period speed .
Ms. Yip said: "With the focus of the Ministry of Commerce delineated list of 30 countries in foreign trade , foreign trade and export diversification strategy will lead China out of the shadows , get a new growth point in the future global economic situation is complex and varied , but it is certain that the global economy. integration, the rise of emerging economies is an irreversible long-term trends, China 's trade with emerging countries have highly complementary , will help ease China led to over-reliance on traditional markets in Europe and America 's trade imbalance . "
November 2011 , on "Global Sourcing Fair " exhibition in Mumbai and South Africa show finished buyers in emerging markets research, attracting the participation of a total of 850 buyers and 520 African Indian buyers. Ms. Yip and participants at the forum to share the research results , which shows :
96% of buyers said 2012 will increase purchases in China ; which represents an increase of 41% over 40% ;
25% said that China is their only overseas sourcing base ; while 52 percent said they would not go abroad to purchase.
Ms. Yip said : "Through research, we see emerging market buyers unanimously optimistic about China , which is undoubtedly good news , but we also see emerging market buyers of Chinese suppliers made ​​stringent requirements, which include the key factors . product prices ( 77 percent ) , product quality ( 69% ) , with lead times ( 41% ) , communication skills ( 38% ) , creative design ( 33% ) , credit status ( 27% ) , language skills ( 26% ) and R & D capabilities ( 16% ) and so on . "
Correspondingly, in order to understand Chinese suppliers export conditions for emerging markets , December 2011 Global Resources completed a Chinese supplier " open up new markets ," the survey , which attracted more than 529 from the consumer electronics , electronic components devices , housewares and gifts, metal products and other industries involved in the export business , results showed that : 59 % of respondents said they would increase exports suppliers in emerging markets , optimistic about the future development of emerging markets.
Ms. Yip said: " This survey reflects the Chinese companies are actively taking various measures to address the impact of U.S. and European economic instability brought about by the emerging markets, they have felt the enthusiasm of buyers sourcing and recognize that open up new markets for future growth is crucial , however, emerging markets for Chinese vendors is still a relatively unfamiliar environment , there are many challenges and difficulties in the process of opening up markets , including not understand the local market and product requirements ( 63%) are not familiar with local business management , law and policy , and cultural practices ( 62% ) , it is difficult to find local buyers with extensive experience as a partner ( 59% ) , etc. . "
Ms. Ye went on to say : "We see Russia , the Middle East , India, South Africa and South America to become China 's export enterprises in the target market research , where Brazil, India and the Middle East market with the most potential for development, but several major markets in the product which is also a slight difference in the demand for Brazilian demand for consumer electronics products, huge ; electronic components products will have broad prospects for development in the Indian market ; Middle East market for hardware products , housewares and gifts demand high. Therefore, we propose a different industry suppliers should be targeted promotional buyers . "
Ms. Yip concluded: "As a company with over 40 years of successful experience in international trade (B2B) media company , Global Sources continue to accumulate over the years and precipitation , currently already has an excellent and stable global buyer community , of which more than half are from emerging market countries in Africa, Europe and the United States , and the number of buyers and procurement inquiries from emerging markets both showed rapid growth. coming days , we firmly believe that efforts to open up new markets to achieve diversification of export markets is the future development of Chinese suppliers breakthrough in 2012 this is an extraordinary year, Global Sources suppliers will work together to face the challenges of China , to accelerate the transformation of foreign trade growth in order to achieve long-term sustainable development . "
" Chi · Sexual future export series Forum" will be held in six cities in the country , respectively, between March and June this year . Following Xiamen , Wuxi, Ningbo Station , the Forum will have walked into Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Qingdao .

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