Bags more and more discouraged

With the ongoing cause of environmental protection, the use of reusable bags has been generally widespread. More attention has been discouraged, even the bag stationery bags are still not willing visible advocate of environmental protection, in response to a low-carbon life has become inevitable. 
      According to recent reports, Suzhou, a primary school, a little girl Wang Jingyi grades come up with a set of pink stationery, two eyes wide, and said nothing, but his face full of joy look. Yesterday afternoon, the community donated the first study and stationery to the hands of the children of migrant workers. Followed by an action of a primary school so that all people are touched by the presence of a large: I saw her put that green bags neatly folded in a small box, put it in his schoolbag in. Then she again won this pink stationery, a closer look until all the staff went to witness the departure of the donation process, are not willing to tear her wrapped in transparent plastic boxes of paper stationery. 
      In this matter, we can see that people use reusable bags has slowly adapt. Use reusable bags has become inevitable, the positive response of low-carbon environmental protection, over the green living.

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