Payment restrictions bags can solve pollution problems

Foshan North Market Day sales of more than millions of plastic bags, reusable shopping bags become rampant throughout the city advertising tool. In Foshan wholesale markets, supermarkets and found that "plastic limit" issued about three anniversary, plastic bags are not really far away from public life because of low prices in circulation is actually not really environmentally friendly non-woven bags. 
       Relevant sources, "the concept of reusable shopping bags is a relative of plastic bags, in circulation inexpensive non-woven bag is not actually real green." Now most of the bags are woven bags, its raw materials Like with plastic bags, and more for polypropylene. Polypropylene can not be degraded in the natural temperature in 50 years, met the high temperature will release harmful substances. So in fact, than the non-woven bags recyclable, easy crushing and recycling plastic bags less formal environment. 
Our country can not eliminate substandard temporary use of plastic bags, because there is no such bags can completely replace the products on the market. Management of plastic bags can not be blindly pressure, but there should be tight, put, there are tube: plastic packaging of goods, supermarkets, etc. tighten restrictions on the use and further restrict the free distribution of advertising bags, etc. must be used for the farmers market to place a plastic bag moderately relax, but also to make the management of waste separation and recycling of plastic bags.

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