Bags in the future is bound to be replaced with plastic seat

Bags pretty, cute cartoon pattern embroidered pink bags, plaid bags decorative side bow lovely, can then look closely, all of which restructured by the clothes are actually made​​. "Skilled" who live Competition is not only turning waste into treasure craft, as well as environmentally friendly low-carbon ideas. 
Restructuring bags with clothes, see who works the most beautiful and practical. Pink shopping bags, surrounded by trim, the bag surface not only decorated with embroidery, also designed a small pockets change. Produce bags key is to learn to make the best of the best, the original decorative and functional clothing to preserve. There is even pajamas modified, the bodice cut into squares after some embroidery decorated on both sides of the buttonhole and pockets are intact, as long as the front and bottom openings on tight, then made ​​mention superfluous rags hand can, can not spend much time will be able to get a real life goods! 
So, some things do need to be considered when complete, we can not say all of a sudden how we can kind of how. Like this farmer's market situation, the state should subsidize part of the money to the vendors, so as to prevent their re-use of ultra-thin plastic bags, woven bags implemented at the source, work bags can be successfully pursued. 
Whether in urban or rural, just go in a farmer's market, can be seen wearing a white shopping bags in many food stalls in a prominent place. State regulations, "direct contact with food should be qualities of plastic shopping bags." These white plastic shopping bags is the implementation of bags used mostly for non-woven materials, can also be called non-woven bags. However, this place just to hang in a prominent purpose "image projects", is to deal with the inspection of the business sector. In fact, a customer buying something, a lot of stall holders are pumped from beneath a thin layer of colored plastic bags were devices. 
So why stand owners refused to use reusable bags it? The answer is a non-woven bags plant bags, plastic bags cost than the average higher than some. Originally in the market to buy food vendors belong to small business, but also earn a little money, so it is no wonder they do not fit. 
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