Non-woven bag industry chaos like from birth

Because of non-woven bags industry threshold is too low, so the industry in recent years, non-woven bags are everywhere in Cangnan area. According to incomplete statistics, large and small counties in dark green flat woven bags manufacturers always have thousands, but the true scale of the enterprise into a small, mostly small workshops. After a direct result of severe competition at home put a few flat car began production woven bags, and more of a number of manufacturers. At present, non-woven bag industry can be very confusing, but do not mess buyers foggy. Inside I had previously written articles about low-cost non-woven bags, I will not explain here. A few days ago a customer inquiry to us, he said he was a non-woven bag manufacturers hit Cangnan sample is 120 Kebu material, he was not very satisfied, let us help him Accounting Price and intends to let us produce. In fact such customers a 120 g of fabric, I knew it, certainly, I cheated, I have been engaged in the production of non-woven bags 2078, 120 grams of fabric to be honest I have a total of only non-woven bag done several times, used 120 grams of fabric is very, very small. I was just speaking clients, and I suspect you said weight is not a problem that you are 120 Kebu material to determine if the price of 120 grams is really expensive. Customers are sure to say that the 120 Kebu material but also the new material. I said it before so busy prices quoted, if I reported the price you will scare, I suspect you said we actually did 120 grams with 120 grams certainly a difference, if you have a real kind to send over our look. The next day, after customers send over me away, which is 120 grams which, ah, that is, 80 grams of fabric. What is this concept ah, his original nonwovens producers too hard making a false report of 40 g material. From this example can illustrate woven bags industry really confused now, because it is not a professional client so he can listen to producers, manufacturers how to say how he heard that some customers do not know the real situation than the price of materials. Shoddy, shoddy, these are some of the outward commonly used means of processing small workshops, etc., so customers in the procurement of non-woven bags must pay attention to, and require two to three manufacturers to be compared to when proofing. Well the saying goes, no good goods cheaper, better goods are not cheap. We are all businessmen, the pursuit of profit is a businessman character. Nobody at a loss to do business with you. TH woven bag factory is a professional production of non-woven bag manufacturers, TH products in addition to the production of non-woven bags other products will not be produced, due to the high degree of specificity and thus we build our high-quality products. We do not guarantee that our prices are the lowest, but we price our products are absolutely confident. Select the party days on the choice of ease.

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