Market effects of non-woven bags

Admittedly, repeated use of non-woven bags, greatly reducing the pressure on the garbage transformation. Coupled with the concept of environmental protection, but also to reflect the effect of the bag to use. In the cause of environmental protection increasingly being valued era, bringing the potential value is immeasurable. 
           After the plastic packaging market is gradually withdraw items, the number of non-woven bags on more and more, because the whole industry's focus has shifted woven bags not only obvious advantage in environmental protection this point, and rather than plastic bags Introduction easier printing patterns, colors more vivid expression. 
           The traditional shopping bags, in order to save material costs so thin, easily broken. In order to make it more firmly bound to be all the more it costs. The non-woven material, itself toughness, easy to wear, although the material costs than a length, but save a lot of effort. 
Non-woven bag plant bag with firmness, it is more waterproof, feel good, beautiful appearance characteristics. Although the cost of a single up the point than the plastic bag, but its life can be arrived on dozens or even hundreds of ordinary plastic bags. 
             It is also because non-woven bags are so "strong", related products will now appear on the market, more and more places are being used increasingly common.

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