My story and reusable shopping bags

Growing up in a small village of me to buy things at home are holding a basket to go. Later, after school to town, I spend bags. At the beginning simply do not know what is green bag, do not know why it's called green bags. 
          Remember the first exposure to the bags when it is time the sophomore. Then go to the supermarket to buy things, accustomed to the soil baskets at home, I really do not know how to get the supermarket to buy things. Then buy a lot of things, such as the bill arrives, the salesman aunt asked me to do a plastic bag. This bag I know, certainly have to take it. Then aunt asked to be big or small, when you dizzy, so many things but also with the size, I'll just say it to a big bar. After watching a knot off the bag also received five cents, and asked the aunt, the aunt said it was paid use, is to remind people to use less plastic bags, reduce pollution, the best time to bring their own shopping bags. This is the first time I heard bags. 
          Later, the students told me that bags like my hometown baskets as possible long-term use, is relatively cheap, and there are beautiful patterns bags, holding time is particularly nice. The key is the use of non-woven bags, when discarded can be decomposed nature, does not pollute the environment. See bags have so many benefits, after the buy stuff when I do not plastic bags, buy their bags directly on the line. 
            Since then I have also learned to use bags, but also be able to feel a force to reduce environmental pollution, was particularly beautiful. I hope each of us can use bags, not only for us now, but also to our future.

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