Non-woven bags for long-term use to win a place.

Whether it is plastic bags, woven bags or paper bags, in everyday life all have their own usefulness. From the material sense, plastic bags, woven bags are not really perfect green alternatives. So, in the future who will be the substitute for plastic bags do? 
In some columns of data the study found that several types of bags are more or less the existence of some defect, something easy to consume raw materials, but also there is still some recalcitrant substances. For now, we still can not make up the conclusion who is the best. However, continuous technological improvement, I believe that we are able to find the best alternatives. In has yet to find the best solution when the country still insist on more environmentally friendly way they think. Such as: In some scenic spots in Yunnan, promoting the use of paper bags and more, although not seen any results, but then we left a valuable future research proposals. 
There are many environmentalists have praised the use of non-woven bags as the ultimate shopping bag alternatives, but we all know that. Making non-woven polypropylene bag material and more truly say not as environmentally friendly paper bags. Today, only the continuous improvement of technical skills for long-term use of non-woven bags win a place.

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