Non-woven bag varieties

Non-woven bag varieties are mainly based on its use mainly in the following categories. 
Advertising advertising bags, which can limit the use of body bags from the area of ​​dissemination of market information to people or goods and services enterprise. People living in the store carrying a printed advertisement bag, in fact, some fine advertising bags. 
Advertising gift bags, mainly on holidays, birthday Hershey, people always want to bring gifts to contact the feelings heighten the atmosphere. When the guests put gifts in a variety of greetings printed shopping bag mention him when the owner was not only a gift, but otherwise some fun in their hearts. Simple advertising bags when customers purchase a hodgepodge of things that need a simple shopping bag dressed, if the stores can provide one experienced man in fear, will be consumers. Gives convenient, know-how is itself an important promotion. 
Fashion trend of consumption goods leadership moment. When what is "hot" when appearing on the society, if the store the goods design, promotional message printed on a beautiful shopping bags, is undoubtedly an important trick promotion. It also produced a trend when advertising bags.

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