Non-woven bag printing process type

Different non-woven bag manufacturers to produce different types of non-woven bags, different requirements, select the printing process is different, here to tell you about a few simple printing process non-woven bags: 
Screen printing screen printing Description: This is printed on the draft design is finalized, to be produced film, plate and drying stretch three printing processes. 
Screen printing area, number of colors, the number of printing surface, chromatic complexity, print paste is good or bad, sunny or rainy weather and many other factors will have an impact on the cost price. 
Process advantages: Process the most common, relatively low cost, small MOQ limit; generally 1000 to 
Scope: print content without gradient color or non-color printing; chromatic not too complicated 
Printing machine printing machine Description: This printing ink or glue thin, slightly lower cost than screen printing, many printed content inconvenient use of this technology 
Process advantages: lowest printing costs, faster production 
Scope: print content without gradients or non-color printing on light-colored fabric printed with dark print better 
Heat transfer printing heat transfer printing Description: This printing can print any pattern, the presence of the printing plate fee and start-up costs, printing costs proportional to the size of the printed area 
Process advantages: Any pattern can be printed smaller gradient or color pattern best adapted to the use of this technology 
Scope: any pattern can be printed, MOQ is relatively high, generally above 5000 
Peritoneal peritoneal printing Printing Introduction: You can print any pattern, even if more complex printing can also be realized. The high cost of printing plate, and the plate-plate version of the fee area, the number of colors related; printing costs only proportional to the size of the printed area, when a large number of processes for the peritoneum and large print area 
Process advantages: Any pattern can be printed, MOQ 5000 
Scope: without any restriction

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