Bag promotion is also a medium of brand promotion.

Bag is the beginning been used as a means of transport, among them, life used to hold a variety of merchandise, such as in China, the use of the bag has been used for a long period of time, a long time ago with one of our ancients crude linen tied to the four corners to make a simple bag, this simple bag to our daily lives has brought a lot of convenience, with the progress of the production process, we can come to a sewing Zhang made ​​a more user-friendly cloth shopping bags, this bag is more practical and convenient. 
       Currently a variety of handbags has been widely used in which we live, whether it is grocery shopping or our daily travel, a practical shopping bag is essential, now, the most used are generally non-woven bags, paper bags and plastic bags. Which should be more environmentally friendly non-woven bags and more secure. 
        Handbag design general pursuit of simple, elegant but also more of the requirements of fashion. Printed on the bag by the company's LOGO and company name, or add some branding slogan, can also play a good role in the promotion, but in other ways it is compared to this effect to be more cost-effective .

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