Non-woven bag = "three noes" bags

"Money-bags of poor quality, useless on the bad times." Plastic limit order execution for two months, the green bag as a new thing, has become a hot topic of concern to everyone. The reporter found that the recent complaints against the quality of the bags up more, although only a few dollars to buy bags, but the product did not use the material composition, specific load-bearing and manufacturers, etc., became the "three noes" products. To this end, the relevant provisions of the public appeal as soon as possible, so that bags value for money. Production: cohabitation quality guarantee Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in a large supermarket in the city to see, check out the nearby station displays all kinds of large and small bags for sale to consumers, many customers are selecting a variety of colors, styles, models bags. These bags are generally used as a non-woven material, mostly emblazoned with the name of a supermarket and a variety of advertising, price range in 2-7 yuan, while the price is more expensive waterproof. The quality of these bags of ours? Reporters can, but over time learned in the interview, this non-woven material bags just started using Shihai, especially when dressed in heavy, often appear deformed edge open line or off-line at the handle like conditions. Moreover, careless oil seepage on the bag is also very difficult to wash away. Some people began to complain: "spend good money to buy a few bags, quality assurance, by whom?" "This non-woven bag with water washed my hands three or four times the cracks began to appear, now can not carry heavy things a. "Grandma Xu people often forget to buy something out with the bag can only buy one, at the beginning she happily put them one by one to collect them for future use, then washed several times after she found some quality problems emerged bag from her original psychological expectations is far worse. CASE: It should be labeled with information holds many lessons, some bags to take the fashion line to win the eye, the consumer's attention is often its appearance attracted by the bright lights, but they ignore the other aspects of considerations, such as quality, "materials and the actual load, etc. previously, free disposable plastic bags, do not pay attention to their quality and now bags advocate repeated use, and the product has no quality standards, likely to become the people living in trouble and safety hazards understood according to the relevant provisions of the Consumers Association, identification bags are really "green", depending on whether it's environmentally friendly materials and manufacturers are qualified status. Moreover, as a commodity, it should be clearly marked with the appropriate use of materials, loading and manufacturer's name and address and other information in the initial implementation of plastic limit, plastic limit promulgated by the state provides not only a thickness of less than 0.025 mm free plastic shopping bags, while all kinds of reusable shopping bags, but no corresponding quality standards To this end, the public appeal, the relevant provisions should be introduced as soon as possible, so that bags value for money, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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