Sales of non-woven bags reactions social experience and well-being

Non-woven bag sales response of our economy and well-being for our country, although in the case of global economic integration and a backdrop of low growth, our country still remained at a growth rate of 7 percent is a very proud thing, exports are an important measure of a country's economic indicators, can broadly reflect the vitality of the economy.
       Non-woven bag is a new bags, not only environmentally friendly but also relatively low cost, is a very practical shopping bags, we have a lot of exports to countries around the world each year, Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province is the two largest domestic production base, we can understand from Yiwu market Yiwu woven bags sold so far than in previous years there is a certain degree of atrophy, mainly because some of the requirements of orders and other countries in Europe significantly reduced. 
         Non-woven bag sales reflect the situation from the side of a period of economic trends, mainly because of the application of non-woven bags industry is very broad, shopping, publicity can use it. As a green shopping bag is worthy of our advocate use.

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