"Grassroots charity" donated 500 bags of migrant workers return home

Caption: one of the activities the person in charge of Miss Nguyen designed for reporters to show their green handbag Caption: Staff distributed free of charge to the green handbag fighting in the spring of the first line of the people's army Caption: In the cold winter sent a environmental handbags to bring migrant workers to return home New Year's burst of warmth Caption: send a handbag to send a greeting to the fighting in the spring of the first line of police officers Caption: we see beautiful bags before race LONDON intern to collect the amount, Shen amount reported on January 24: Today is the Lunar New year's Eve, the Shanghai railway station full of people, "Homecoming guest" who embarked on a journey carrying bags rush home for the holiday. In the afternoon, a group of volunteers to pull up banners in the train station, and to migrant workers return home New Year's Shanghai and Shanghai station staff to send a special gift - homemade bags. According to Miss Xu's statement, one of the event planners, the name of "urban Thank you for your dedication, you and I were to join a harmonious society" activity, belong to a "grassroots charity." It is reported that, always on condition of anonymity Miss Xu and companions, prepared 3000 bags, in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places of the train station to return home personnel, railway staff and police officers to maintain order and free delivery to this city builders to express their gratitude. Due to the limited number of afternoon at the Shanghai Railway Station, the volunteers can only send 500 bags. New Year back home, Mr. Gao lucky volunteers who took over from chic bags, he told reporters in Shanghai hard work hard for a year, to receive such a special New Year gift before going home, I feel very warm:. "this is both beautiful and practical bags, and more importantly, it is the people of Shanghai to work for those of us who are of a mind," Liu armed police sergeant and his comrades together this year, bear the maintenance of South Railway Station Square stop and job ticket order. Liu told reporters that he and his comrades every day to work 14 hours without interruption. Volunteers took to send the bags, the big man to come here Shenyang soldiers some shyly said that these special gifts is also an affirmation of his work: "Although very hard these days, but can be we certainly, but also the value. "it is worth mentioning that the major charity event planners Miss Xu and her husband, Mr. Wu, can be described as the famous" grassroots philanthropists. "When the "SARS" outbreak in 2003, Mr. Wu and Miss Xu couple's own name as the first donor contributions 200,000 yuan in one fell swoop, but year after the earthquake, they also contribute 1 million yuan again, and has been reluctant to open their own 's name. Miss Xu and many people did not understand her husband's behavior, and even a lot of people think that their behavior with a commercial purpose or disguised hype. In the interview process, Miss Xu told reporters that he did not care how people think, how to say, she always believed that philanthropy is their commitment to social responsibility.

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