Chinese businessmen bags distributed free public usage of less than 5%

To help the public a smooth transition, according to official statistics, this month, the major supermarkets will continue the free distribution of 500,000 bags, but actual usage is not ideal, there is a supermarket statistics, comes with shopping bags or bags of customers do not to 5%. Yesterday until end of this month, Wu discount stores in the province's 43 consumers will come to the province issued 150,000 non-woven bags. Wal-Mart sources, presented by the free distribution and full capacity in two ways, at least free delivery bags 23000. Master of pure water, gold baby jelly manufacturers are reached after a certain amount of non-woven gift bags. WCMC, a responsible person, delivery of 150,000 bags are expected to cover the various stores around the district 15 percent to 20 percent of households. Reporters visited to see the vast majority of consumers still use supermarket plastic bags provided free of charge, very few people carrying shopping bags or bags. WCMC official said, according to the public spending habits, before June 1 comes with shopping bags proportion will reach 10% to 20%, after the supermarket shopping bag fee, this proportion will reach 40%. In addition to issuing bags, Wuhan supermarkets also increased significantly location "revisit basket, weight carry bag child", "support for environmental protection, starting with me" and other campaign theme.

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