Financial turmoil "scratch" does not run bags

Bag, mop, pins, paper clips, small toys, slippers and other daily necessities will trade fair hall on the 13th Hall B 47 stalls put to the brim, compared to large color TV, refrigerators and other large booth, here is simply a small grocery store. Yesterday "grocery store" when the family returned to Suzhou Xu, from Fair disclosed that at the time of financial turmoil, many businesses feel the chill, his "grocery store" orders, but there is an increase over last year's Fair of around two percent. "During the fair, green shopping bag orders only amounted to two million dollars, which increased about two percent more than last year's Fair." Hengfeng Import and Export Company Xu-Zhao said. He told reporters that he could from a reusable shopping bag to feel the necessities of life is how to deal with the financial crisis. According to Xu-Zhao introduced by the financial turmoil, the number of foreign-trade fair is not a lot to negotiate, but the new orders increased by Bulgaria, Argentina, Peru and other countries this year. Since the Fair since 2004, non-woven shopping bags from export sales of the company's $ 500,000 annual increases to 2007 increased to $ 4.2 million, this year has reached $ 6,000,000, four or five times more than tenfold increase . Why did the financial crisis, "scraping" run bags? Xu Zhao believes there are three main reasons, first, the necessities of life, low priced bags, a 30 × 20 cm, woven bags used only 2.5 yuan, although more expensive than the same size plastic bag about 8 times, but can be repeated use; Second, foreign environmental awareness is increasing, in addition to European and American countries, the increase in orders Bulgaria, Argentina, Peru and other countries, indicating that environmentally friendly products have great market space, so do not worry about the impact of the financial turmoil; third is "small products, as long as willing to use their brains can make a great article! "bags a few years ago in order to be practical, then gradually increase the aesthetics, subdivided in shape, there are children's cartoon-type bags, a dedicated loading tall slim wine bags, there can hold long burger bar bags, as well as thick and durable bags for advocating the conservation of the elderly to use. In recent years, the company has increased production more than 100 bags of tricks. Xu Zhao believes, as he did so the grocery store business in the face of financial turmoil in Europe and America, on the one hand to see the decline in purchasing power, sales could affect, on the one hand to see the rigid requirements of these necessities, thinking about nothing, and changing tricks, the transformation strain, the financial turmoil was "scraping" do not run their own small business.

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